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Server Rules

The major rule is always to have fun unless your fun infringes on anothers fun.
No raiding bases. No blocking Thrall spawns and No area denial on the map.

Yes this is PvP and yes it is relaxed. What I take that to mean is no running around killing people just for shits and giggles.

No fucking overly cursing. A shit and fuck on occasion is fine but garbage speak I wont tolerate.

I can and will ban you but you will know why and we will talk about it. Sometimes shit happens and people misunderstand. I make mistakes. So before a ban unless it is blatantly obvious I will hear you out.

I may put a donation page up….. I may not…. It wont be until I establish this server and I decide if I need a little help.

Dont ask to be an admin…. Dont ask for me to spawn stuff…. (do I really need to cover this?) If there are issues let me know. I will do my best to resolve them.



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