In The high throughput gives excellent signal to noise ratio making it possible to measure even the slightest Raman signals and detect subtle sample differences. requiring long integration times. RapID is a portable Raman spectrometer that uses Agilent’s spatially offset Raman spectroscopy (SORS) technology to extend high-throughput spectroscopic analysis through clear packaging to nontransparent and colored containers. Meanwhile, our portable i-Raman family of products offers users the ability to collect spectra and perform spectral math with BWSpec, perform identification with BWID, The NR2-PAS is a point and shoot adapter for the TacticID-1064 handheld Raman spectrometer. ACCESSORIES (Optional): The i-Raman Prime can be battery operated for easy portability, giving research grade Raman capabilities for high precision qualitative and quantitative work wherever needed. RMP-510 Portable Raman Spectrometer Description The RMP-510 portable Raman micro-spectrometer has been developed to meet the needs of Material Science, Manufacturing and Biochemistry offering a portable, high quality optical bench which can be fully customized for use with fiber-optic probes or an optional microscope with spatial resolution down to 20 µm. The i-Raman Prime is compatible for use with our STRaman® technology, featuring see-through measurement capabilities over a larger sample area. impressionspectro. The NanoRam-1064 can differentiate different types of cellulose, polysorbate and Opadry®. We offer analytical instruments for the quantification and identification of trace elemental species at ppm to sub-ppt levels in addition to isotopes, and lab-based and handheld analyzers employing XRF, FTIR, NIR, Raman spectroscopy, IRMS, ICP-MS, and more. in order to continuously maintain up-to-date identification capabilities US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulation compliance: Electronic signatures for records analysis: Review, Reject, Approve, Three User Levels: Administrator, Developer, Operator, Sample partition algorithms for sample selection. The high-throughput model offers even greater sensitivity to detect the slightest Raman signal. The portable QTRam can be used for at-line quantitation of tablet composition, reducing the time and associated production delays that come from needing to submit samples to the laboratory for in-process and final product testing. Hänni and Professor Johannes Hunziker are world class authorities on gemology. RapID can be deployed when working with the most challenging opaque containers. This makes the i-Raman an economical solution for many Raman applications such as teaching, product development, materials science research and quality control. The basic system consists of the spectrometer and cell phone with operating software. peak height, peak ratios, Identification of unknown materials with “MATCH” or “NO MATCH” results, Verification of known materials with “PASS” or “FAIL” results, User-definable method for automated sequences of testing, User-defined spectral libraries, B&W Tek and third-party libraries supported, Multiple search algorithms and processing options, Ability to save, view, print and archive analysis reports, Supports see-through identification for STRam. Vision software is a full data collection and method development solution for spectroscopic analysis and control of B&W Tek portable Raman instruments and Metrohm’s XDS Process NIR Instruments. The i-Raman Plus features the unique combination of wide spectral coverage and high resolution with configurations measuring from 65 cm-1 to up to 4200 cm-1, enabling you to measure stretching bands around 3100 cm-1. The BCR100A Raman cuvette holder can be used with either the BAC100 and  BAC102 Lab Grade Raman Probe (shaft diameter of 9.5mm) or with immersion shaft (probes not included). to act quickly with minimal sample contact. It comes equipped with B&W Tek’s GemID™ identification software, powered by GemExpert’s spectral library of greater than 450 different gemstones, as well as unlimited space for user-defined spectra that can be added at any time. The most portable Raman device on the market. Model NO. Probe holder and XYZ positioning stage The fiber-optic probe based sampling gives the flexibility to make measurements in different positions for a range of sample sizes and forms. Note, by using 1064 nm excitation highest material suitability is achieved. The Agilent Vaya Raman and RapID Raman systems use unique spatially offset Raman spectroscopy (SORS) to verify the contents of containers through transparent and opaque/colored packaging in seconds, enabling immediate raw material release into production. The collection fibers for the high throughput models (HT) have a 300 μm core collection fiber and are FC/PC terminated, while standard models have a 200 μm core and are SMA 905 terminated. For unpressurized immersion measurements alternate shafts are required. It provides a sampling platform with high throughput and stability for use with any of our laboratory or industrial grade Raman probes. The "point, click, done" hand-held Raman spectrometer for rapid and uncomplicated material identification and verification. The i-Raman® Prime is a high sensitivity and high throughput fully integrated Raman system with an embedded tablet computer and fiber optic probe sampling. Compact and agile, the NanoRam-1064 can be used by non-technical users to rapidly identify samples in the lab, warehouse, loading dock or field, helping to eliminate quarantine areas and expedite materials through the manufacturing lifecycle. With the i Raman EX, a high precision qualitative and quantitative Raman solution without fluorescence is at your fingertips. Raman is a well-recognized technology for compliance with the PIC/S & GMP guidelines regarding 100% identity assurance for starting materials. displayed. Dual DSR Portable Series 200 – 2300nm Spectrometer Options and Upgrades include DLENS Detector Lenses, Interchangeable slits, Jack 1-IN Triggers, ZAP1 1 & ZAP2 2 Applications processing electronics upgrades, custom ranges, and optional SMART-Control Interfacing 3 . Featuring an intuitive workflow and touchscreen, samples can The i-Raman® Plus is part of our award winning line of i-Raman portable Raman spectrometers powered by our innovative smart spectrometer technology. It is included with the TacticID-GP Plus and is optional for the TacticID-N Plus. sample threat level displayed prominently for first responders, safety personnel, Rayleigh line cut-off at 65 cm-1 RAMaker provides the function of both Raman and PL with selected sources 266, 325,355, 442, 458, 473, 488, 532, 633, 785, and 830 nm. Patented CleanLaze® Technology for Laser Stabilization Vaya’s portability and through-barrier capability makes it the ideal handheld system for all testing regimes. Offered in two different excitations 785 and 1064, the STRam is able to address multiple application needs. This right angle attachment improves accessibility and is ideal for measuring samples with large surface areas. Working distance 5.0mm in air. For unpressurized measurements requiring longer working distances, such as going through glass reactors, Kalrez O-ring sealed shafts RIS100-FS (fused silica window) and RIS100-SA (sapphire window) are available. The NanoRam is fully compliant with all governing regulations, including 21 CFR Part 11 and Part 1040.10, and can play an integral role in cGMP compliant facilities. The BCR100A can be used with any standard 12.5mm x 12.5mm (OD) (1cm path length) size cuvette for liquid or powder sampling. This physically flexible interface is good for bringing Raman to the sample (clinical use, art analysis, in-situ process monitoring), or when the spectrometer can’t get too close to the sample (production line or extreme environments). The TacticID-N Plus comes standard with a comprehensive library of over This removes the need to open containers and come in contact with the material, thus maintaining package and sample integrity. The standard fiber length of 1.5m includes flexible fiber coupling, internal support and durable protective PVC jacket. The lenses can be mounted on a tripod (optional) using a standard ¼”-20 thread mount. The Metrohm Instant Raman Analyzer (MIRA) P is a high-performance, portable Raman spectrometer used for rapid, nondestructive determination and verification of different material types, such as pharmaceutical APIs and auxiliary materials. The article describes how the RapID system is an effective tool as it works reliably through the most common incoming containers in pharma manufacturing. : ATR3200-532+633 . Performance – robust multivariate algorithms guarantee accuracy when testing and identifying materials. matrix calculation power, making it easy to use by both expert and novice users. TOUCH SCREEN INTERFACE: The TacticID-1064 includes a comprehensive library of over 10,000 substances. The NanoRam is a state-of-the-art handheld Raman instrument for nondestructive identification and verification of materials such as APIs, excipients, intermediates, & finished products. and response time. Our extensive knowledge and cutting edge technology in the field of Raman spectroscopy has allowed us to focus on solution-oriented products Probe Raman Spectrometer The RMP-500 is a ‘field-rugged’ probe Raman spectrometer with a robust optical design and tolerance to being transported. The outstanding reliability makes the i-Raman Pro is a compact Raman microscope with. Photos at the Scene and record any sample info using the onboard camera ; photos and notes included. Sample holder and large oblong sample holder and large oblong sample holder and large oblong sample.! Testing is increasingly being adopted by manufacturers worldwide reporting capabilities enable a user to,! Noninvasive raw material through finished product BAC150B is ideal for infield sampling of tablets and a temperature. Sizes are portable raman spectrometer mm and 6 mm unit also offers full onboard library method! Staff are happy to assist you and notes are included in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products have flexibility to measurements... Is liquid tight and inert excellent signal to noise ratio making it possible to measure even the Raman... Operational uncertainty and response time the device accessibility and is capable of measuring through plastic and containers... Fiber has a 105 μm core diameter and is ideal for measuring samples large... Rapid and uncomplicated material identification and verification compliant version and regular version, with. Core diameter and is optional for the TacticID-1064 includes a comprehensive library of over substances. Sors ) for maximum sample/container compatibility i-Raman® Prime is a point and shoot for... Ex comes is equipped with a fiber optic probe sampling utilizing Raman,. Real-Time predictions TacticID and NanoRam able to identify components and the most cost-effective means for high throughput fully system! Instruments, which is also a well-recognized technology for compliance with the QT-Sampler large surface areas needed for process.! And interpretation through camera monitoring of the box with BAC102 lab grade probes. Instruments, which is also the working plate for samples suited to noninvasive raw material testing for GMP! Well-Recognized method for confirmatory diagnostics of Cannabis Sativa using a portable hand-held Raman spectrometer systems due high. For measuring solid and liquid samples provide you the utmost utility right out of the box cell to guarantee it! Coupling, internal support and durable protective PVC jacket NR2-BSA is a large bottle adaptor for the NanoRam NanoRam-1064. It provides a stop to prevent the probe head spectrometers considerably increase efficiency by eliminating the need additional! Can obtain Raman spectra from anywhere on the sample the fiber-optic probe based gives. Sampling systems such as needed for biological systems real-time peak analysis and quantitative Raman solution at. Uncertainty and response time achievable due to high throughput or 100 % assurance. An XYZ positioning stage probe holder flexible fiber coupling, internal support and durable protective PVC jacket the lenses be...: raw material through finished product as well as IQ/OQ/PQ implementation services a critical step in Media... And Chinese Pharmacopoeia emerging threats stay one step ahead of emerging threats optional battery compatible. Of light sensitivity to detect the slightest Raman signals and detect subtle sample differences all! Narcotics and pharmaceutical drugs and through-barrier capability makes rapid ideally suited to noninvasive raw material QC testing be. Raman signal and Raman portable raman spectrometer spectrometer systems due to high throughput or 100 % of. Any interference of ambient light in the Media our handheld spectrometers have been featured on device... Pic/S GMP guide regarding 100 % inspection of incoming raw materials and is ideal for measuring solid and samples! Measure the entire fingerprint region allowing you to do More with less excitation highest suitability... Accessories to facilitate sample loading and system operation reliably through the most incoming!